2009 NFPA 99 Chapter 20 -are we there yet?

I recently heard about a new NFPA 99 Chapter 20 for 2009 (Not yet published).  Does anyone have any info on the possible changes as well as when we can expect the new publication?


One thought on “2009 NFPA 99 Chapter 20 -are we there yet?

  1. As a matter of public record everyone can visit the NFPA’s website (nfpa.org) to find the latest updates regarding committee actions…for all committees, not just hyperbarics, for the next revision.
    Here is how you find the answer regarding possible changes: 1) go to nfpa.org, 2) in the search block type in “hyperbarics”, 3) click on the following link:NFPA 99: Standard for Health Care Facilities,
    http://www.nfpa.org/aboutthecodes/AboutTheCodes.asp?DocNum=99, and 4) click on “Download the report on comments.” The report on comments show all proposed changes to NFPA 99.
    But, their is a new issue, in June ’09 the NFPA voted to send NFPA 99 back to the Committees for more review (I am giving a summary explanation), which means revisions to 99 will not be publish as planned. The next meeting to determine next steps is August 4 to 6, 2009. The outcome of that meeting will direct the actions of the Committees within 99.

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