Can this dressing go into the 100% oxygen filled chamber?

Critical Thinking Guy_colorThis is a question that plagues new and inexperienced HBO techs on a daily basis and immediately after the Florida accident some have gone to extremes of removing all medical related dressings and skin barriers prior to HBOT, of course you cannot be too safe right? Well, not really. You do run the risk of making the patients wounds worse by drying it out and exposing it to the atmosphere.

After digging thru all my safety books and manuals, I did find something that did relate to this particular subject in the “Hyperbaric Medicine Practice” 2nd edition by Dr. Kindwall (pp. 417). FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE.

Here is a little bit of what it says:
….traditional practices of excluding certain types of dressings should be revisited. Vaseline gauze dressings are permitted in the monoplace chamber and have been used for many years without incident. A good practice is simply to cover them during treatment. If a patient with severe psoriasis, for example, requires a lotion or cream with a petroleum base to control the skin eruption, it is counter-productive and harmful to the patient to scrub away all the medicament on a daily basis prior to HBO.


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