Wound V.A.C.® and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – A Clinical Practice Guideline

woundvacWound V.A.C.® or Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is an essential part of any comprehensive wound care and hyperbaric center. Many wound & hyperbaric centers encounter multiple patients on V.A.C.® therapy on a daily basis. Surprisingly I have found that many centers do not have a policy on what to do with a wound V.A.C.® prior to placing the patient in the chamber. KCI (the leading manufacturer of negative pressure wound therapy NPWT) has published their clinical practice guideline with 2 options on how to address the complexities of placing a patient in a Hyperbaric chamber that is on wound V.A.C.® therapy. Click here to view.

For those that are concerned about the V.A.C.® dressing materials and the polyurethane foam that comprises the bulk of the dressing here is an article on the material evaluation for hyperbaric exposures. The conclusion to this evaluation is: Both polyurethane foam and polyester/silicone NPWT dressings were demonstrated to be safe with regard to cytotoxicity and autoignition when placed into typical therapeutic hyperbaric oxygen environments.

V.A.C.® is a registered trademark of Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI) is a global medical technology company with leadership positions in advanced wound care, negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) and Therapeutic Support Systems.



One thought on “Wound V.A.C.® and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – A Clinical Practice Guideline

  1. Is anyone using that VAC setup, that St. Luke’s in Milwaukee wrote up(the paper is on achm.org). It uses the differential in pressure and a Boeringer Suction Reg to simulate the effects of NPWT. We used it at a facility I worked at prior and I was always a little leary about modifying chambers like that.

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