Physician Supervision & HBOT in 2010

I have taken the 2010 Proposed Federal Register and cut out excerpts that would affect those that are providing HBOT services in Hospitals. I have also provided some translation to make things easier to understand what “Direct Supervision” for HBOT will mean in 2010.



Hyperbaric Technologist Quiz – Test your knowledge PART 2


For those that are already certified CHT’s/CHRN’s this test would serve as a great Tune up. For those that have not yet taken the exams this would be a great place to start. You have 4 minutes for each question x 40 questions. This test has a little bit of everything, NFPA, Diving, Physiology, TCOMs, diving and hyperbaric terminology. Passing grade is 80%. GOODLUCK AND ENJOY THE TEST!!!


NCD’s, LCD’s, MAC’s, Medical Policies, HMO’s, PPO’s??? What about Insurance Coverage and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

confused-silhoette-in-maze-vsmallI write this piece in the hopes that those that do read it educate themselves in matters concerning Medicare and private insurance coverage provisions for indications treatable with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Traditionally, HBO technicians, Safety Directors, Hyperbaric Managers or Supervisors were not required to know all this information but with the current economic landscape, companies in the healthcare sector are running leaner operations and requiring most positions to take on extra responsibilities. Furthermore, the fast paced life of physicians does not give providers time to educate themselves on such matters thereby leaving those within the hyperbaric department to provide such guidance on just about every case presented for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Will Your Hyperbaric Tech Pass Muster When JCAHO Comes To Your Facility?

This question creeps up on me a couple of times a year. It is a difficult question to answer on a generalized basis – basically there will be multiple answers depending on who you ask and under what circumstances. It is important to know that when you hire a hyperbaric tech in an acute care hospital setting, all the hospital’s policies relating to Human Resources have to be followed completely. If there are any questions related to what these policies are, I would inquire about them from the hospital HR department.

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Pacemakers & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Most modern pacemakers seem to tolerate hyperbaric pressurization satisfactorily, although there is some variation among manufacturers concerning the depth to which the products have been tested. Some manufacturers test to 6.0 ATA while many test to 2.36 ATA. In view of this, it is prudent to do the following prior to initiating Hyperbaric therapy in a patient with a pacemaker:
1. Obtain from the patient the name of the pacemaker manufacturer and model name and number.
2. Contact the manufacturer directly confirming the depth to which a particular model has been tested.
3. Request that the company fax or e-mail a copy of such information to the unit and place in the patient’s medical record.
4. Review the information with the patient during the Hyperbaric education prior to obtaining informed consent and beginning therapy.

It is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the device even if the documentation is already at the hyperbaric department due to current technological progress and/or product recalls.

medtronicClick here to view a standard letter from MEDTRONIC (Manufacturer of Pacemakers) This letter was sent to me on Aug 12, 2009.