Pacemakers & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Most modern pacemakers seem to tolerate hyperbaric pressurization satisfactorily, although there is some variation among manufacturers concerning the depth to which the products have been tested. Some manufacturers test to 6.0 ATA while many test to 2.36 ATA. In view of this, it is prudent to do the following prior to initiating Hyperbaric therapy in a patient with a pacemaker:
1. Obtain from the patient the name of the pacemaker manufacturer and model name and number.
2. Contact the manufacturer directly confirming the depth to which a particular model has been tested.
3. Request that the company fax or e-mail a copy of such information to the unit and place in the patient’s medical record.
4. Review the information with the patient during the Hyperbaric education prior to obtaining informed consent and beginning therapy.

It is advisable to contact the manufacturer of the device even if the documentation is already at the hyperbaric department due to current technological progress and/or product recalls.

medtronicClick here to view a standard letter from MEDTRONIC (Manufacturer of Pacemakers) This letter was sent to me on Aug 12, 2009.


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