What Will The Hyperbaric Chamber Of The Future Be Like?

Have you ever wondered what the hyperbaric chamber of the future would be like? Imagine the following; all in one monoplace chamber:

1. A built-in ohm meter for quick ground checks.
2. A built-in computerized treatment profile with printable charts or charts that could be imported into the patients EMR (Electronic Medical Record).
3. An integrated gurney system, or gurney system that could be stored under the chamber during treatments to minimize clutter in the department.
4. Built-in air break capabilities that would reduce the reliance on the patient to properly apply the air break mask properly – basically turn a knob and the air break starts immediately by filling the chamber with room air.
5. Built-in static dissipating device via the chamber mattress vs the static bracelet.
6. Chamber gurneys that go lower to the ground for patients in wheelchairs.
7. Electronic diagnostics for the manufacturer to diagnose any issues with the chambers prior to annual preventive maintenance dates.
8. A gas system that would help push the dirt on the bottom of the internal acrylic towards the entrace of the chamber so that it can be collected at the end of each treatment.
9. A semi-circular cleaning device with an extended pole that would assist in cleaning the internal acrylic of the chamber.
10. A built-in quick TCOM that would allow the techs to take TCOM measurements while the patient is in the chamber as well as outside of the chamber.
11. An immersive video entertainment system that could be projected onto a screen right above the chamber for better patient viewing of video entertainment.
12. External speakers that only pick up the patients voice and not the sound from the entertainment system, or a call button that the patient can press in order to get the techs attention – many techs turn down the volume from the patient in order to avoid hearing the patients movie or music, consequently the patient cannot be heard when they speak.
13. A built in camera monitoring system that can be viewed thru the HBO techs computer screen to monitor both patients at the same time.

Some of these items are already in existence, but not all in one monoplace chamber.

These are just some items that would help in daily operations and smooth out the day at any busy center. Some of these may also save some precious time and keep the facility less cluttered – and probably minimize the space requirements for each chamber.

Just a thought.


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