US Army Is One Step Closer To HBOT & Traumatic Brain Injury Study


The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering (RDEC) Acquisition Center today posted in that they intend to negotiate and award a contract to Empiristat Inc (a clinical trial research group) to continue treating TBI’s in a conventional way (without HBOT) until which time the Army decides to put out a request for proposals (RFP) to head the HBOT clinical trials.

According to Nathan Jordan (US Army point of contact) this does not mean that HBOT is on the back-burner, in fact it is the Army’s sole intent to provide HBOT to the injured soldiers suffering from TBI’s as soon as possible. The intent of the posting on was to inform the public that even if HBOT is still not being utilized for TBI’s, the Army is still addressing the situation (via a bridge buy; i.e. Empiristat) and is coming closer to deciding when the HBO study will begin. Mr Jordan explained the bridge buy (Empiristat) was basically a go-between to address TBI’s while research is on-going.

Mr Jordan also added that the RFP (request for proposals) could come as soon as two weeks and advises to continually check the Natick website for further updates.

I would like to thank Mr Nathan Jordan from the US Army Natick Contracting Division for answering my questions.

Before you read the solicitation here are some definitions provided by the Army:
CRO: Contract Research Organization
CRAM: Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Manager
NDC: Natick Contracting Division



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