Conflict Of Interest Or Just The Way It Is?

How would you feel if the President of the United States owned his own business that directly competed with you? Better yet he owns the schools that teach about the business that you are in, owns the company that builds the schools, and regulated every piece of equipment that your business uses. Think about it – This person will also be the person regulating your business, taxing it, and can afford to reduce prices which will eventually shut you down.

This is not a political piece as much as an observation with the current situation in the hyperbaric industry. All it takes is a bit of research online to look up names on the websites to see who is who in the hyperbaric industry and what positions they hold on several boards that help influence the regulations related to the hyperbaric industry. The part that is worrying is that many of the names in these organizations are the same names that are shaping how the industry grows, shrinks, or remains stagnant. Not to mention that many of these people benefit in their own businesses based on the decisions they make while serving in these positions. Would you find this a conflict of interest or just the way it is? I would love to hear what you think.

“Someone accused of a conflict of interest may deny that a conflict exists because he/she did not act improperly. In fact, a conflict of interest can exist even if there are no improper acts as a result of it. (One way to understand this is to use the term “conflict of roles”. A person with two roles—an individual who owns stock and is also a government official, for example—may experience situations where those two roles conflict.”



2 thoughts on “Conflict Of Interest Or Just The Way It Is?

  1. It’s definitely a conflict of interest, but unfortunately because we belong to such a specialized industry Its just the nature of the beast.

  2. Being in a specialized industry isn’t an excuse for such behavior. Every industry is specialized. The difference is the ones that can self regulate and work together can actually grow and prosper vs. end fighting and power struggles.
    Why can’t a specialized field be forward thinking and work to promote each other (which promotes the whole)? Versus putting down the competition and striving to have things one way only.
    If we can’t stand together, we will surely hang together. I say learn to love your neighbor. As long as you live next door to them their yours.
    HBO Opinion

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