HYPERBARIC FACILITY SAFETY Reprinted Due to Popular Demand


Edited by W.T. Workman

Now back in print by popular request, this title is a necessity for the preparedness of every wound care and hyperbaric facility. This book will help to reduce your liability in the workplace, and will become an integral part of your on-site reference library. Recent tragic accidents in the national and international hyperbaric medicine community have focused attention on the need for more comprehensive information on this multi-faceted topic.

Hyperbaric facility safety is a complex issue that covers an extremely broad range of topics: safe engineering design practices, regulatory guidance, training, staffing, maintenance, operational procedures, etc. This book was written to create a comprehensive document to assist established hyperbaric programs, serve as a safety primer for developing programs throughout the world, and to help cultivate the mindset vital to maintaining a safe environment for staff and patients alike.

On the recommended reading list for facility certification, the information contained in this publication applies both to operational and clinical wound care and hyperbaric facilities.

Topics Covered:
General Considerations for Hyperbaric Facilities
Hyperbaric Systems
Hyperbaric System Maintenance
Fire in the Hyperbaric Environment
Hyperbaric Mishap Analysis
A Practical Approach to Hyperbaric Safety

Book No. M0997, $129.99 (regular price $146.50)
754 pages, diagrams, charts, references
Note: Pre-publication price $99.99 for orders received prior to 3/31/2010

TO ORDER: visit www.bestpub.com or call 928.527.1055


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