Hyperbaric Technician Salary

I was researching this subject for some time and there wasn’t enough data in the past to come up with an average salary range for (USA) hyperbaric technologists, but today with the extreme growth of the industry there are a couple of websites that offer some pretty interesting numbers.

According to Salary.com; The median expected salary for a typical Hyperbaric Technician in the United States is $42,873. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals’ analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies.

Payscale.com states that the going rate is $31,000 to $41,000 per year based on an hourly rate. I’m sure not very many agree with some of the numbers because it should be based on the number of years in the field, rate of living per state, amount of professional training among other factors.  Interestingly enough Payscale.com also has a chart that shows number of years experience;

It shows that 73% of HBO technicians have between 1 and 4 years experience,

14% have 5 to 9 years experience, and

10% have less than a years experience

Salaryexpert.com has a good graph (CLICK FOR GRAPH) as well and shows an average of $40,000 to $45,000.  This site also allows you to put in the rate of living (State), years of experience etc… Overall, it is still all over the place and there is no accounting for EMT, DMT, RN, CNA, Paramedic, Etc. What do you think?


So You Wanna Be A CHT®?


I get many inquiries regarding pathways to certification for CHT®. I personally do not work for the NBDHMT but since i am a nice and resourceful guy I’m up for providing some information on this subject. I get questions coming all the way from the UK, Malaysia, Australia, and recently New Zealand as well as here in the United States.

For CHT certification I want to announce that in July 2010 the NBDHMT already has added the CHT-ADMIN certification to their forms. This is from the board “The CHT-ADMIN certification level serves to recognize those who have advanced professionally from their technical and clinical duties to management and administrative responsibilities. These individuals have frequently been unable to complete the necessary technical and clinical hours to meet CHT® recertification requirements. By applying for CHT-ADMIN, individuals are able to maintain their CHT ‘identity’ and continue to be recognized as a hyperbaric professional.”

For those that want to start working towards getting their CHT there are very solid pathways to certification.  First, you have to already have an allied healthcare certification such as EMT/Paramedic, CNA, etc.. (Refer to the CHT resource manual found on the Boards website, this was updated Jul 2010). Without any type of allied healthcare certification you may want to forget the CHT for now and concentrate on getting some healthcare certification – most start of as EMT’s (this should take you 8 weeks of schooling). After you have your healthcare certification then you may want to download the CHT Resource Manual for the rest of the requirements which include:
1. Be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent.
2. The CHT® applicant must have completed a National Board of Diving &
Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT) approved hyperbaric medicine
introductory course.
3. As part of the clinical internship, the CHT® must complete the Transcutaneous
Oxygen Monitoring (TCOM) Module.
4. Upon completing an approved course, CHT® applicant must undergo a clinical
work experience of 480 hours in undersea, hyperbaric medicine or aviation
medicine technology. Forty (40) hours of the requirement must be a supervised
clinical internship for all approved training courses attended after January 1,
2010. The Board must be notified in writing of the name of the preceptor prior to
commencing the internship. The preceptor should be a CHT or a CHRN.
5. Military personnel must complete 1000 clinical hours in addition to required,
approved, training received in the military (unless 480 hours of approved clinical
internship can be completed at an approved facility)
6. Maintain a minimum 12 continuing education credits every two years with at least
six of those specific to undersea, hyperbaric, or aviation medicine.

And the NBDHMT is also running background checks paid for by the applicant.

NOTE: Recently i received a call from a tech overseas regarding his employer checking his CHT status online and the employer found out that he was no longer certified. I explained to him that there is nothing anyone can do for his stupidity – apparently he doctored his certificate and CHT card to reflect a different expiration date. This is not the first time I have seen this – I have received faxes with doctored CHT expiration dates in the past. Word to the wise “Do not lie about your certification status, the truth is just a mouse-click away”.

For more information please visit the NBDHMT.org
CHT Resource Manual download
CHT Registration Forms download
Approved CHT Training Programs
Confirm CHT/DMT/CHRN status HERE

Oxyheal Hiring Techs Immediately

OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. is looking for Certified Hyperbaric Technician (CHT) or Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurses (CHRN) at the following locations Denver area of Colorado and Coastal North Carolina . This is a full time non-exempt position with an hourly rate of $21.00 to $24.00 per hour. This position requires you to maintain your Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) certification.
OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. offers a full benefit package to all employees. Health insurance is available to you and your family at a reasonable cost. OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. pays 95% of the employee’s premium. Medical coverage is available after 90 days (Probationary Period). Until that time, OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. will reimburse you for the cost of your current COBRA. Please contact Human Resources for the specifics of this program. We also offer a tax-free flexible benefit plan for dependent care and medical expenses for yourself and your family. A variety of supplemental policies through AFLAC is also available. All company benefits with the exception of vacation and 401K are offered after 90 days of completed service. OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. offers one full week of vacation after completion of one full year, and then accumulates at two weeks per year thereafter. Our 401K plan offers a tax free savings of up to 20% of your income and is managed by Merrill Lynch Investments. This is available for enrollment after one year of service. Contact phone number 1-888-699-4325 Ritia Lopez or Kevan Corson (512) 924-4266

iPad and EMR in Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine: Hot or Hype?

Disclosure: I am not a programming expert or an IT professional nor do I work for or consult with WoundExpert or Apple Inc.

I recently had the pleasure of launching a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system in-conjunction with the new Apple iPad for a wound care and hyperbaric center in Los Angeles, CA. My initial fear was that the EMR (which is web-based) would not be compatible with the operating system of the Apple’s iPad due to some system programming requirements that Apple’s OS does not recognize. Programs such as Flash for example are not compatible with the iPads operating system.

Prior to launching both systems I took a trip over to the Apple store and tried to access the EMR company’s website (WoundExpert) just to be sure that it was compatible. The second thing I did was call the EMR company and inquire whether or not anyone has used the iPad in-conjunction with WoundExpert. I wasn’t surprised when they told me that they were not sure because the iPad had just been launched earlier that same week. On my next call to WoundExpert I made sure I was at the Apple store and logged into the WoundExpert test site and tested all the functions of the EMR. The Aha moment was when i found out that all the functions worked perfectly and a decision was made on the spot. This may sound like an impulsive decision but I had been researching EMR and portable computers for a while now (3 years).

The problem most wound and hyperbaric centers face is usually a lack of space in the treatment rooms for a desktop computer station in addition to what some IT pros call a “COW” (Computer on wheels) or that thing the desktop computer is sitting on. The second problem most centers face is cost. My breakdown of equipment costs alone was enough for the hospital administration to raise both eyebrows and take my proposal seriously.

Here is what my breakdown for a more traditional system for 4 treatment rooms:

Unnamed desktop computer system w/ keyboard and mouse = $1250.00 x 4 = $5000.00

Computer table or “COW” Computer on wheels w/out computer = $750.00 – $1000.00 x 4 = $3000.00 – $4000.00

Running internet into every treatments room = $100.00 per room x 4 = $400.00

Cost of the EMR = Negligible because everyone is going to have to do it sooner or later

Total cost for 4 rooms = on the low end $8400.00 and the high end would be $9400.00

The breakdown for the iPad system was:

Apple iPads = $499.00 x 4 = $1996.00

Dedicated encrypted Wi-Fi = $200.00

Total cost for 4 rooms = $2196.00

Not having your back to the patients every time you are in the treatment room? “PRICELESS”

As you can see from the numbers above, there would be over 7K worth of savings by going full EMR with the Apple’s iPad in the treatment rooms. Obviously with some pros there have to be some cons.

Here are my list of cons:

1. We have not figured out how to print from the iPad just yet (but we will soon if we had a bluetooth printer). Currently, anything that needs to be printed will be printed (superbills, orders, and prescriptions) by the front office staff w/ their desktop computers.

2. We cannot load patients wound pictures to or from the Ipad (so we just use the computer at the nursing station or doctors dictation to load all patients wound photos into the EMR).

3. Physicians don’t like the iPad – they are secretly in love with it. This is a con because the physicians want to take the iPads home to “Explore” more of its features – too bad we lock the iPads up and have very strict procedures for checking in and checking out of the systems. And if one of the iPads go missing we track it via GPS (There is an APP for that as well).

For more on the use of iPads in wound care and hyperbaric medicine please look out for my extensive article in http://hyperbaricmagazine.com/coming soon!!!



7th International Symposium for Hyperbaric Oxygen and the Future of Healing

 The world’s largest educational conference & expo is taking place July 22-25 at The Marriott Hotel, Irvine California. CME credits are available and eminent speakers from all over the world will be under the one roof for three days sharing their latest research on hyperbaric medicine relating to autism, cerebral palsy, wound care, severe brain injury, diabetes, MS and much more.

For more information about this presitigous event, please check out http://www.hbot2010.net.

Registration Fees
3 day conference and entrance into the exhibition hall * Cost: $350.00

2 day conference and entrance into the exhibition hall * Cost: $250.00

“3 for 3” Corporate Package: (from One Business Entity) Special group rate for a batch of 3 tickets covering the 3 day conference and entrance into the exhibition hall * Cost: $900.00

Special Family Rate: (Patients) 2 day conference and entrance into the exhibition hall for a family of 2 or more For individuals or families with special circumstances – please call for a reduced price. * Cost: $350:00 *Up to 4 family members

Special CHT Discount: 3 day conference and entrance into the exhibition hall * Cost: $125

Gala Dinner: Saturday, July, 24th 2010 * $55.00 per person

Meet the Author Luncheon: Friday, July 23rd, 2010 * Cost: $25:00 per person