Oxyheal Hiring Techs Immediately

OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. is looking for Certified Hyperbaric Technician (CHT) or Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurses (CHRN) at the following locations Denver area of Colorado and Coastal North Carolina . This is a full time non-exempt position with an hourly rate of $21.00 to $24.00 per hour. This position requires you to maintain your Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) certification.
OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. offers a full benefit package to all employees. Health insurance is available to you and your family at a reasonable cost. OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. pays 95% of the employee’s premium. Medical coverage is available after 90 days (Probationary Period). Until that time, OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. will reimburse you for the cost of your current COBRA. Please contact Human Resources for the specifics of this program. We also offer a tax-free flexible benefit plan for dependent care and medical expenses for yourself and your family. A variety of supplemental policies through AFLAC is also available. All company benefits with the exception of vacation and 401K are offered after 90 days of completed service. OxyHeal Health Group®, Inc. offers one full week of vacation after completion of one full year, and then accumulates at two weeks per year thereafter. Our 401K plan offers a tax free savings of up to 20% of your income and is managed by Merrill Lynch Investments. This is available for enrollment after one year of service. Contact phone number 1-888-699-4325 Ritia Lopez or Kevan Corson (512) 924-4266


One thought on “Oxyheal Hiring Techs Immediately

  1. Hi, I reside in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been working in hyperbaric and diving medicine for 7 years as a hyperbaric attendant and technician. My knowledge, training and experience has been assessed by my current employer hyperbaric health.We work and operate under the AS/NZ 477.42, Part 2:hyperbaric oxygen facilities, NFPA 99..etc
    I have been wanting to par take in the CHT course for many years now and have met a few of them as they travel on personal leisure to New Zealand, but as finances don’t allow this achievement. I am very interested in moving to other parts of the world where hyperbaric medicine is accepted generally and not private.
    If in any way you could give me some advise or suggestions as to how I can accomplish the certification from NZ if possible.
    Kind Regards,
    moira rihari

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