So You Wanna Be A CHT®?


I get many inquiries regarding pathways to certification for CHT®. I personally do not work for the NBDHMT but since i am a nice and resourceful guy I’m up for providing some information on this subject. I get questions coming all the way from the UK, Malaysia, Australia, and recently New Zealand as well as here in the United States.

For CHT certification I want to announce that in July 2010 the NBDHMT already has added the CHT-ADMIN certification to their forms. This is from the board “The CHT-ADMIN certification level serves to recognize those who have advanced professionally from their technical and clinical duties to management and administrative responsibilities. These individuals have frequently been unable to complete the necessary technical and clinical hours to meet CHT® recertification requirements. By applying for CHT-ADMIN, individuals are able to maintain their CHT ‘identity’ and continue to be recognized as a hyperbaric professional.”

For those that want to start working towards getting their CHT there are very solid pathways to certification.  First, you have to already have an allied healthcare certification such as EMT/Paramedic, CNA, etc.. (Refer to the CHT resource manual found on the Boards website, this was updated Jul 2010). Without any type of allied healthcare certification you may want to forget the CHT for now and concentrate on getting some healthcare certification – most start of as EMT’s (this should take you 8 weeks of schooling). After you have your healthcare certification then you may want to download the CHT Resource Manual for the rest of the requirements which include:
1. Be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or equivalent.
2. The CHT® applicant must have completed a National Board of Diving &
Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT) approved hyperbaric medicine
introductory course.
3. As part of the clinical internship, the CHT® must complete the Transcutaneous
Oxygen Monitoring (TCOM) Module.
4. Upon completing an approved course, CHT® applicant must undergo a clinical
work experience of 480 hours in undersea, hyperbaric medicine or aviation
medicine technology. Forty (40) hours of the requirement must be a supervised
clinical internship for all approved training courses attended after January 1,
2010. The Board must be notified in writing of the name of the preceptor prior to
commencing the internship. The preceptor should be a CHT or a CHRN.
5. Military personnel must complete 1000 clinical hours in addition to required,
approved, training received in the military (unless 480 hours of approved clinical
internship can be completed at an approved facility)
6. Maintain a minimum 12 continuing education credits every two years with at least
six of those specific to undersea, hyperbaric, or aviation medicine.

And the NBDHMT is also running background checks paid for by the applicant.

NOTE: Recently i received a call from a tech overseas regarding his employer checking his CHT status online and the employer found out that he was no longer certified. I explained to him that there is nothing anyone can do for his stupidity – apparently he doctored his certificate and CHT card to reflect a different expiration date. This is not the first time I have seen this – I have received faxes with doctored CHT expiration dates in the past. Word to the wise “Do not lie about your certification status, the truth is just a mouse-click away”.

For more information please visit the
CHT Resource Manual download
CHT Registration Forms download
Approved CHT Training Programs
Confirm CHT/DMT/CHRN status HERE


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