Actress Marla Gibbs Healed with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Featured in TV ads all over Los Angeles, CA

Award winning Actress Marla Gibbs from “Jeffersons” and “227” plus hundreds of other film & TV credits was healed by the Center for Wound Management & Hyperbaric Medicine at Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.  Marla Gibbs underwent aggressive wound care treatments as well as adjuctive hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a persistent wound infection and was healed by a skilled group of outpatient wound care physicians from multiple specialties in just 8 weeks.  Marla Gibbs was healed just in time to make it to a “Jeffersons” reunion show on “Good Morning America”.
Marla Gibbs is now featured in the Center for Wound Management & Hyperbaric Medicines’ TV advertisements airing on CNN, TNT, USA, and various other networks in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica markets.
I asked Marla if she had any advise for anyone who is going through tough times with a chronic non-healing wound; her advise – “Stick with the program, show up to all your appointments, and follow your doctors directions at all times – and you will persevere”. 
Marla’s second advise; “Watch the Jeffersons or 227 while in the hyperbaric chamber, it doesn’t hurt to laugh while you are in the chamber healing”.
Many thanks to Marla Gibbs for allowing us to make this TV commercial possible.  Some info on the commercial; the EMR/EHR featured on the iPad is Wound Expert.  The hyperbaric chambers are Perry Sigma 34’s.  The center is Olympia Medical Center in Los Angeles.  The actors are the Medical Director (Dr. Babak Dadvand – Plastic Surgery, trained at Cleveland Clinic) The second actor is the Co-Medical Director (Dr. Farshid Nejad – Podiatry). 



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