2011 CMS Hyperbaric LCD’s

It’s that time again!!! The 2011 LCD list from CMS (Medicare).  If you are not familiar with your LCD (Local Coverage Determination) then maybe the map above should say it all.  Reading one of these is basically like trying to navigate a never-ending maze – but that’s not to say that it cannot be done.  If you BILL Medicare/CMS for hyperbaric services, you NEED to know the parameters at which to operate your center. Some of the future changes to come include requiring ACLS training for techs and physicians, non-hospital located HBO departments will require a physician in the office suite during hyperbaric treatments.  Some of these are already in place in some regions so my advice is to look for your LCD below and “OWN IT”!!!  If you are a hyperbaric tech or safety director, or hyperbaric supervisor and want to grow someday – READ, UNDERSTAND, AND SHARE YOUR LCD WITH YOUR PHYSICIANS AND STAFF.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Click the link > Agree to the CMS terms > Then your LCD will show > PDF option is on top right of the LCD for download or for printing.



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