HBOTECHBLOG.COM Will Go Subcription Only Soon!

Lock Clip Art

HBOTECHBLOG.COM will be going to subcription only very soon.  If you are currently subscribed to this blog please inform all your hyperbaric colleagues that they have to subscribe to the blog in order to access the information.  It is all FREE and there is nothing to pay. 

To subscribe to the blog go to: and on the top left of your screen under “Email Subscription to” type in your email address and click “Subscribe”.  It’s that easy.


3 thoughts on “HBOTECHBLOG.COM Will Go Subcription Only Soon!

  1. Hello, Roque. Eager to hear your reasoning for subsciption-only. Let me know how you’d like HyperbaricLink to plug it. Cheers and bon chance till next time. R

    • Ron,

      My reasoning for the subscription-only is to ensure that ALL HBO techs out there get the information they need in “Real Time”. I would also like to build a bigger user base and track which Hot topics to focus in on.


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