KCI Wound V.A.C.® and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – A Clinical Practice Guideline 2

This essentially is a re-post of the KCI Wound V.A.C. Clinical guidelines.  The KCI Clinical guidelines are 116 pages (Sorry for the long download).  You find the Hyperbaric specific guidelines on pages 15 & 102 of the document.  There are some NEW changes from the old clinical guidelines; One change in particular calls for the VAC tubing to be wrapped in a moist towel throughout the entire HBO treatment (page 15), there is additional information on page 102 regarding HBOT and Wound VAC as well. 

I have also linked a 4 page “VAC Therapy Safety Information” sheet with the same information on HBOT and VAC (page3).  Hope this is helpful to all of you.

KCI Clinical Guidelines (116 pages)

V.A.C. Therapy Information Sheet (4 pages)


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