Wound Care Dressings & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Many thanks to Craig L. Broussard, PhD, RN, CNS for providing this chart on common wound dressings, characteristics, indications, instructions for use, utilization, and fire safety for HBO2 use.  ENJOY!



Names Of Navy SEALs Killed in Afghanistan (8/6/2011)

This is a tribute to the Navy SEALS, Navy EOD, Air Force Pararescuemen, and US Army Pilots and Aircrew who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.

Here is a partial list of  the Special Men who made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan on Aug 6th, 2011:

John Brown – (Air Force Pararescue) – AK
Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL) – TN
Jon Tumilson (SEAL) – IA
Robert James Reeves (SEAL) – LA
Jonas Kelsall (SEAL) – LA
Kraig Vickers (EOD) – HI
Michael Strange (SEAL) – PA
Kevin Houston (SEAL) – MA
Matt Mason (SEAL) – MO
Stephen Matthew Mills (SEAL) – TX
Chris Campbell (SEAL) – FL
Tommy Ratzlaff (SEAL) – AK
Nick Spehar (SEAL) – MN
Jason Workman (SEAL) – UT
Brian Bill (SEAL) – CT
Spencer Duncan (Door Gunner) – MO
Patrick Hamburger (US Army National Guard) – NE
Alexander Bennett (US ARMY) – MO
CWO 2 Bryan Nichols (US ARMY) – MO

John Douangdara (SEAL) – NE

Derek Benson (SEAL) – CA

Daniel Zerbe (US Air Force Pararescue) – PA

Lou Langlais (SEAL) – VA

Dave Carter (US Army) – KS

All these men left loved ones including very young children.  Please help them by donating to the NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION (they provide scholarship funds and support to the children of fallen Navy SEALS).  You can also donate to the EOD MEMORIAL FOUNDATION (they provide scholarship funds and support to the children of fallen EOD TECHS/Bomb Technicians).

We thank them for their hard work and sacrifice, May they all rest in peace.

Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber SECRETS Revealed!

With the permission of Sechrist I was able to tour, film,  & photograph the facility as part of an introduction to hyperbaric medicine course held in Redondo Beach, CA by Paradigm Medical Management (This was a first for me to have a tour of a hyperbaric chamber manufacturer on the first day of the course – which by the way was highly successful course that had 50 attendees).

The Sechrist plant in Anaheim, CA is one impressive machine!  If you are involved in hyperbaric medicine you have to see this place.  It is run like a tight ship with a focus on quality and safety.  Even more impressive is that they manufacture their own acrylic cylinders in-house (only two manufacturers in the world do this, Sechrist happens to be one of them).  We were able to see the step-by-step process of making the acrylic cylinders, the making of the metal parts of the chamber from raw materials, the electronics and the pneumatics, all the way to the final assembly of the hyperbaric chambers.  The Sechrist chambers now also come in different colors like white, Sechrist blue (standard), and I believe I also saw Green.  I hope you enjoy the photos.  For more information on Sechrist Chambers or the company visit www.sechristusa.com