VHO2 (MFG of Chamber that exploded) Press Release from Jan 2012 & NBDHMT Recognizing Veterinary HBOT

Why the headline you say?  It so happens that the same company that manufactures the VHO2 chambers (yes the one involved in the accident) just last month released a press release regarding the approval of a CHT-V (Veterinary hyperbaric tech) certification by the NBDHMT.  This programs safety policies and competencies may have to be looked into / edited in order to satisfy OSHA’s requirement for safety when it comes to treating large animals in the chamber.

In the release it states:

“The NBDHMT in conjunction with a select committee of experts from the Veterinary Hyperbaric Medical Society- VHMS, (www.vet.utk.edu/vhms), has designed the Certified Hyperbaric Technologist-Veterinary (CHT-V) certification exam. Qualifying applicants who complete the required pre-requisite training will be able to sit for this internationally recognized title. This huge advance in training for veterinary hyperbaric specialists will help pave the way for quality control in treatment standards and safety of veterinary hyperbaric medicine”.

Should the NBDHMT put a hold on this program that was just launched a month ago?  I say that when the investigation is done and proper safety measures for those chambers are put into place, YES, the program MUST be on hold. 

People should wonder if the safety measures for treating large animals (especially horses) in the chamber were written/co-written with the help of the manufacturer, and if they sought any professional opinions from other “Hyperbaric Experts” in the field not involved in treating animals. 

If I was asked per se to assist to establish safety protocols for treating a horse in an HBO chamber I would have:

#1 Made sure no metals went into the chamber (this includes horse shoes), we do this to humans (we don’t even let earrings into the chamber let alone horse shoes made of metal).  Is it cost prohibitive? YES,  Does it Save lives? YES.

#2 Asses the animal, in this instance the horse (They do kick and kick hard).  Measure the PSI or impact of a kick and multiply that force by 10 and engineer something that can withstand that force.

#3 Refer to #1




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