NEW PRODUCT! Patient Hyperbaric Safety Instructions Card – Monoplace


Three years later and we have finally developed a Hyperbaric Safety Instructions Card for Monoplace chambers.  This patient education piece is geared more towards patients rather than the clinical professionals in hyperbaric medicine.  The inspiration for this came from the airline industry (flight safety card located on seat backs of airline seats).  The FAA requires airlines to have an educational piece that is easy to understand with universal signage that almost anyone – no matter where they are from or what language they speak could understand.  We have tried to make this as universal as possible – this is why it took three years.  The language is in English and a Spanish one is being developed as we speak.

Illustrated Step-by-step Guide for all your patients

This patient educational piece provides your patients a step-by-step guide as to what to expect prior to, during, and after each treatment (THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR APPROPRIATE PATIENT EDUCATION BUT MAY BE USED AS AN ADJUNCT TO THE CURRENT EDUCATION YOU PROVIDE YOUR PATIENTS).  This guide could be used to assist in educating each patient about what to expect during the hyperbaric treatments.

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The Relationship Between HBO Patient Education, Patient Satisfaction, Compliance, and Reimbursement


Have you ever wondered why your patients quit hyperbaric therapy? Why would they quit despite the fact that they could potentially lose a toe or a foot? Sure a certain percentage of them are claustrophobic, some of them listened to their archaic physicians negative viewpoint of HBOT, some just do not care and have given up, then there are the ones we put in that “uncategorized box” because we really couldn’t pinpoint their rational, instead we categorize these patients simply as “NON-COMPLIANT”.

Are these patients really non-compliant or are they just uninformed and improperly educated? One should ask, “Who in the right mind would sacrifice losing a limb vs going in a chamber for two hours a day watching TV to save the limb in question?” Ask yourself the same question and if you are educated enough and informed enough (and not out of your mind) about the pros of HBOT and the cons of losing a limb, you surely wouldn’t opt for an amputation if you knew there was a possibility of saving that limb. So back to my original question, Why? Is there a possibility that the patient/s were not properly educated on how hyperbaric therapy works and the importance of “daily” treatments explained to them in a way they could understand? In this article I would like to describe the important relationship between improved and effective patient education, patient compliance, patient satisfaction, and value based reimbursement.


Clostridium difficile (C. Diff) and Hyperbaric Chambers

Clostridium difficile or C-Diff for short is one tough bug and is one that is difficult to eliminate with current approved acrylic disinfectants. Using a disinfectant that the chamber manufacturer does not recommend could cause you to void the chambers warranty but not addressing C-Diff in the chamber is a patient safety issue. I have several links that discuss c-diff and hyperbaric chambers below. Hopefully these links are helpful.

“How do you care for the C-diff contaminated patient in the chamber?”.

Acrylic Suitable Disinfectants for Hyperbaric Chambers.

“That is not in MY Chamber” Infection Control and Chamber Cleanliness.

Mexico closes hyperbaric clinic after death in the chamber

Mexico closes hyperbaric clinic article.
MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities have temporarily closed a private clinic after a patient was found dead inside a hyperbaric chamber.

The federal oversight agency in charge of medicines and health care says service at the Hyperbaric Medicine of Toluca clinic will be suspended while authorities investigate whether it followed appropriate procedures.

The agency said late Wednesday that 70-year-old Filemon Consuelo Loria died in the chamber in Toluca, a city just west of the capital in Mexico state. State prosecutor Miguel Contreras earlier gave his age as 60.

Prosecutors detained a doctor and three workers at the clinic after Consuelo Loria was left inside the chamber overnight. He suffered from diabetes.

Investigators haven’t determined if he was left inside the oxygen-enriched chamber by mistake or on purpose.