Patient Safety Instructions Card now available exclusively from Best Publishing

Order your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Patient Safety Instructions today and watch your patient compliance increase along with outcomes, patient satisfaction, and your clinic’s value-based reimbursement!

Have you ever wondered why your patients quit hyperbaric therapy? A clinicians’ work doesn’t stop at technical and clinical know-how in today’s healthcare setting. Although these are essential, so too are the human skills such as customer service, effective patient teaching skills, and service recovery (how to deal with a not so happy patient and recover their business). Almost every hospital in America (if they are even slightly concerned about getting paid) has an in-house or outsourced department that specifically tracks patient satisfaction as well as provides the appropriate training for those that have not yet proven proficient in customer service.
Does Your Clinic Want to Increase:

-Patient Compliance
-Value-based reimbursement
-Patient satisfaction

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is the perfect product for you!

“Studies find that patients that are more educated about their therapy are more satisfied and compliant with treatment recommendations and that there is a direct association between patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes” Source: Journal For Patient Compliance

As healthcare providers, it is important that we understand the relationship between improved and effective patient education, patient compliance, patient satisfaction, and value-based reimbursement. Let this product work for you!

Get yours today!!!



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