Federal & Multi-State Lawsuit Could Cost Healogics and Contracted Hospitals Millions

USA vs Healogics

From Jacksonville Business Journal: Claims against Jacksonville-based Healogics run deep and wide, with more than 600 clinics in 29 states named in federal fraud allegations brought by former employees of the wound care company.

The most recent lawsuit, which was filed in 2014 but unsealed in a Florida federal district court last week, details how two technicians employed by wound care centers operated by Healogics were pressured by the company to perform unnecessary procedures, procedures that were then billed to Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, among others.

Jacksonville Business Journal Article

504 hospitals hit with whistle-blower lawsuit alleging false claims violations



Healogics under federal investigation

Jacksonville-based Healogics, which runs wound care centers across the U.S., has been accused of performing unnecessary hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients in an apparent scheme to defraud Medicare, former employees said in a False Claims Act suit unsealed Wednesday in a federal court.

Willie and Michelle Arnold, a former hyperbaric technologist and a former hyperbaric safety director at Healogics respectively, allege that more than half the hyperbaric treatments the company billed to Medicare were fraudulent, according to the qui tam suit, which was first filed in July 2014.